Living with Chronic Liver Disease?

We're here to help.... The LIVERSpot is the place to go to find a healthier life...

Have you been diagnosed with chronic liver disease?  Feeling overwhelmed with fear and trying to understand what it all means for you and your life going forward?  Are you inundated by the amount of information (medical and otherwise) out there?  Are you trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat?  Should and shouldn’t do?

The LIVERSpot™ is here to help….  We understand all of the questions and emotions you’re going through.  We can provide you with some answers and guidance so that you can have a healthier life as best as you can.

The LIVERSpot™ is the place to go to find a healthier life!

The LIVERBlog™ covers many aspects of what you experience on this chronic liver disease journey:

Diet & Body

Articles that cover topics from what foods to eat and not eat as a part of your diet to the physical changes and challenges that come with chronic liver disease.

Medical / Diagnosis

Articles to help you understand your diagnosis and all the medical terms, tests, results, and treatment options you discuss with your doctors & various health care providers.


Articles to help you with all the overwhelming and varied emotions you experience on this journey with chronic liver disease.

About The LIVERSpot™

Hello! I’m Kirstin Kidd.

I started The LIVERSpot™  so it would be a place where people could go to seek understanding, knowledge, and support.  My wish is to help others who are also on this liver disease journey so they too can find a healthier life!

The 21 Most Common Liver Disease Medical Terms

The "Must Have" List of Terms You'll Hear Your Doctor Say

Included in this list are the 21 most common medical terms that you’ll hear your doctor say and what they mean.  Being familiar with these medical terms will help you understand better the discussion and advice from your doctor at your next appointment….